2015 Dodge Charger SRT8 Hellcat to be the most powerful V8 sedan?
Posted on May 27th 2014
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2015 dodge charger SRT8 Hellcat

Dodge enjoys touting the fact that the Dodge Charger has no competition, and they’re right.  The only car it really gets cross shopped against is the Dodge Challenger but aside from that there is really nothing else – and Dodge is very proud of that statistic.

Right from the 300 HP Charger V6 to the 370 HP Charger R/T and 470 HP Charger SRT there are no direct competitors to the car.  Some will say the 415 HP Chevy SS is a competitor, but its low volume dictates that any cross shopping is negligible, if any at all.

From a nuts and bolts standpoint its only directly “relatable” competition comes from Germany in form of the Mercedes Benz E class and BMW 5-series.  V6′s, V8′s and super performing  high end AMG and M versions packing over 500 HP.

With the Hellcat Charger quickly on the way to showrooms some are already pondering how it’ll do against the German super E-segment sedans which include the BMW M5, Mercedes Benz E63 AMG-S and Audi RS7.

2014 BMW M5 – 575 HP

2014 E63 AMG-S – 577 HP

2014 Audi RS7 – 560 HP

It’s unlikely even the Charger Hellcat will get cross shopped against that trio but since Dodge and SRT have already confirmed that the Hellcat engine will produce at least 600 HP we can already see a clear winner – unless the Germans bump their power ratings for 2015.

The upcoming Cadillac CTS-V has potential to knock the Charger off the top off the heap as 600 HP is rumored for it as well, but like the Charger final numbers haven’t been released yet.

Gotta love a good horsepower war!


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